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A view of the architecture of the reader


Command Flow

See Command Flow For a description of how a command moves from the communication to the command processor

Detail Component Description


See Command Flow for a better description of how the communication works

Command Processor

See Command Flow for a better description of how the command processor works


The radio is the interface between the antennas and the rest of the reader. It is in charge of figuring out which tags are on the antennas and giving this list of tags to the reader's Tag Memory.


GPIO stands for General Purpose Input/Output. Although not shown on the reader picture above, the GPIO are like extra 'lines in' and lines out' on the reader. They are used to interface with other devices -- normally PLC devices such as light stacks and photo eyes.

Shared Resources

The shared resources is an object that each reader has that is a collection of various objects that each reader needs in different places. For example, it contains the GPIOController and the Radio for access in various hander methods.

Package Structure

See Package Structure for a reader project for a detailed description of all the different packages that a reader needs to implement

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