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Changes in 3.3

Rifidi Server, Sensor and Application Management Dashboard

  1. Added Rifidi Edge server node, sensor and application management UI Dashboard Web_Administration_Dashboard
  2. Rifidi Dashboard developers guide to further extend UI for your needs - Web_Administration_Dashboard_-_Developer's_Guide

REST - Restlet

  1. Rest - Rifidi App start by default command update default.ini via Rest
  2. Rest - Rifdi LoadApp - enables Rifidi application to be loaded via Rest


  1. LLRP - execute command needs to reload llrp rospec from file system each time


  1. Added integration with ThingWorx IoT Platform ThingWorx_IoT_Platform_Integration_Jumpstart

Important: In order to use this ThingWorx Integration jumpstart application or any ThingWorx Platform Integration/Use cases you will need to contact ThingWorx to setup an account -


  1. Device - Validate Rifidi Edge on Galileo (Intel )
  2. Device - validate Rifidi Edge on Pi 2 (Arm)
  3. OS - Validated Ubuntu Snappy Core

Bug Fix

  1. removed vert.x jars as Restlet implementation is being used for Web Dashboard
  2. Dashboard - added refresh button to Rifidi Dashboard (as of 5/15/15 release)
  3. Dashboard - fixed special character bug with setting properties (as of 5/15/15 release)
  4. LLRP adapter - updated LRP-ADD_ROSPEC-File property default value to config/default.llrp (as of 5/15/15 release)





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