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New Features

This section describes some of the major new features in 1.5

IDE Overhaul

The IDE has gotten a facelift with several new enhancements

New Reader Control Buttons

Refactored Code

With Emulator 1.5, The UI code has been refactored, so that all the products in the Rifidi product suite use common wizzards and plugins. If you are building from source, please see Emulator Packages for the list of packages that you will need to download from the public svn.

RMI Callbacks

With callbacks now working, changes in the engine, (such as tag memory writing and GPO toggles) will be reflected in the IDE

Better LLRP Console Output

The LLRP Reader now displays its input and output in XML, so that it is easier to read

LLRP Console

Alien GPIO Support

The Alien reader now supports GPIO and has a better Autonomous Mode. Specifically, it now supports these commands:

  • Get/Set AutoStartTrigger
  • Get/Set AutoStopTrigger
  • Get/Set AutoTrueOutput
  • Get/Set AutoFalseOutput
  • Get/Set AutoStopTimer
  • Get/Set AutoTruePause
  • Get/Set AutoFalsePause
  • Get/Set AutoStartPause

Alien Tag Writing

Limited support has been added to allow the alien reader to write tags. To enable this feature, the following commands are now supported:

  • Get/Set ProgAntenna
  • ProgramTag
  • Get/Set Function

LLRP Suspend/Resume Functionality

The LLRP Reader can now be suspended and resumed. While this might not mean much to our users at first, it is necessary to have readers that can be suspended and resumed so that the Designer will be able to pause realtime simulations.

Bug Fixes

There have been a few minor bug fixes with the LLRP reader, as well as fixing an bug that was preventing the Alien reader's autonomous mode from reconnecting to a server once it had been disconnected.

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