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Changes in 3.7


  1. Handle add ro spec errors either through logging error and or resending rospec via checking error being returned learned in honeywell cwr project
  2. Stop showing illegalstateexception in the console in LLRPReaderSession


  1. Push notifications of server keep alive via MQTT. with ability to enable/disable and config standard mqtt parameters/topic..similar payload to ping I think and server IP/port as messages may go to centralized MQTT topic in cloud and needs to be a way to identify which Rifidi instance it came from - Payload "</> LLRP_1</>Processing</>epochdate/time</></> - and each event type would have its own end point config/ip/port/qos/topic" - not sure if json format of xml makes more sense here


  1. Reset session - delete session, create session, reexcute previous running commands, restart session(if already in processing state)
  2. LLRP Encoding - validate session state in processing and provide necessary response
  3. Start/Stop/Install/Uninstall Bundle - allow for install via url
  4. Restart Rifidi Edge server
  5. OSGI SS operations or more generically expose OSGI command line operations -
  6. Stop Rifidi server command


  1. Added REST interface to the Generic adapter Generic_User_Guide#Rest_Interface


  1. Java 64 bit support
  2. Migrate JVM Arguments where applicable such as things not required during server startup like llrp encoding (Dorg.rifidi.llrp.encode) leveraging Rifidi apps properties framework
  3. Modify dbapp to use postgresql by defau





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