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Changes in 3.2

REST - Restlet

  1. Updated Restlet to 2.3.1 to fix REST single threading performance issue
  2. create session only allows for 1 session (session id of 1)
  3. readerstatus - reader status command change adding command factory
  4. create reader - return service id
  5. create command - return service id
  6. CommandType command - missing compatible readertype attribute
  7. Added delete reader
  8. Added delete command
  9. Added delete session

LLRP Updates

  1. Added Get LLRP Run-time Reader and RoSpec configuration Edge_LLRP_Reader_Management

LLRP Tag Encoding

  1. Added user memory tag writing/reading options LLRP_Tag_Encoding
  2. Added EPC, KillPassword, access pasword Read options LLRP_Tag_Encoding
  3. Rifidiserver (.ini) set Encoding option to be synchronous by default LLRP_Tag_Encoding#Global_Settings_via_Edge_Server_Configuration

Rifidi Services

  1. Rifidi Service - Optimized RSSI service - [Issue report]

Bug Fix

  1. LLRP - Java IOexception potentially freezing server - or at least not being handled
  2. LLRP Adapter - Handle - LLRP Error Occurred: java.lang.IllegalStateException
  3. Alien - Update tagtype to 1 as default





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