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Key Factors to consider

  • What is the complexity of sensor events within Rifidi App (how long running, size of event data, frequency etc.)
  • reader adapter performance a. Note: Some reader/sensor adapters perform better than others dependent on vendor adapter native implementation (software and hardware)
  • Size of hardware running Rifidi (cpu, memory, storage)
  • Where are you integrating (local Mysql db, mqtt messaging, cloud, enterprise db, SAP, Salesforce, REST etc..)

Server Tuning

  • Turn off diagnostic and monitoring apps in particular 12:Rifidi App: Monitoring:Tags (others as well optional as shouldn't have impact unless used as part of apps)
  • How to Turn off Diagnostic:Tags In server\applications\Diagnostic\ set LazyStart=true (default is false) to stop Diagnistic:Tags app from starting by default - recenttags and currenttags commands will no longer function butr this will provide performance/memory improvement as in production mode these commands should not be required
  • How to Turn off Monitoring:Tags In server\applications\Monitoring\ set LazyStart=true (default is false) (as of 3.1 release) to stop Monitoring:Tags app from starting by default Note: Tags will no longer be written to default queue to monitor Tag reads by work bench but this provides large performance increase under heavy loads
      0:Rifidi App: AppService:ReadZones (STARTED);
      1:Rifidi App: AppService:SensorStatus (STARTED);
      2:Rifidi App: AppService:UniqueTagInterval (STARTED);
      3:Rifidi App: AppService:StableSet (STARTED);
      4:Rifidi App: AppService:LimitStableSet (STARTED);
      5:Rifidi App: AppService:UniqueTagBatchInterval (START;
      6:Rifidi App: AppService:RSSI (STARTED);
      7:Rifidi App: Diagnostic:GPIO (STOPPED);
      8:Rifidi App: Diagnostic:Serial (STOPPED);
      9:Rifidi App: Diagnostic:Tags (STARTED);
     10:Rifidi App: Diagnostic:TagGenerator (STARTED);
     11:Rifidi App: Monitoring:ReadZones (STARTED); 
     12:Rifidi App: Monitoring:Tags (STARTED)
     13:Rifidi App: Monitoring:SensorStatus (STARTED)

Esper Tips

Note: Package/class where Rifidi invokes Esper Manager - This is where one can override Esper configuration -

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