How to add a new Rifidi Service

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To add a service to core:

  • 1)Add your classes to the package


  • 2) Add an entry like this to app-api.xml (a spring XML):

<bean id="RSSIMonitoringService" class="org.rifidi.edge.api.service.tagmonitor.RSSIMonitoringServiceImpl"> <constructor-arg index="0" value="AppService" /> <constructor-arg index="1" value="RSSI" /> </bean>

Give the name you want to the bean ID, and give your implementation class as the class. Constructor arg 0 must be "AppService". Constructor arg 1 can be anything that doesn't already exist.

  • 3)Add an entry like this to app-api.xml:

<osgi:service ref="RSSIMonitoringService" auto-export="interfaces" />

The ref should be your bean ID.

After that, your service should be available.

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