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These steps explain how to upgrade a Rifidi Edge server

Edge Server Upgrade (Windows)

Note: Applicable to version 1.3 or greater

  1. Download and install in a new directory (windows only) - see below for Ubuntu/Linux install steps
  2. Ensure all rifidi edge servers instances are stopped (old and new versions)
  3. Copy the Rifidi.xml from the old version to the new server home directory (this contains the reader/sensor adapter configurations)
  4. Manually make any updates to the server configuarion (rifidiserver.ini in windows/ rifidi-server in Ubuntu/Linux) you may have customized for your setup Edge_Server_Configuration
  5. Copy any customized Rifidi Applications from old server version ./applications to new server version ./applications
  6. Copy any customized .llrp configuration files from old server version ./config to new server version ./config
  7. Copy default.ini files from old server ./config to new server ./config (this contains list of custom Rifidi Apps to start by default when server starts)
  8. Start the new Rifidi server

All you applications and reader/sensor adpaters should start and operate as prior version

Note: Advised that you make a copy of your old version before deleting in case you run into any issues requiring recovery

Ubuntu Upgrade(Specfics) or Rifidi Box (which comes with Ubuntu OS)

Steps specific to Rifidi Box or Ubuntu Deb

  • Note: Steps 3-7 above detail the files/config/dirs to copy/update

  1. SSH into the box and copy the contents of the application directory, the rifidi.xml, and any other files (llrp files, etc) to ~
  2. Make sure the edge server is shut down...telnet in and type "close" in the console.
  3. . "sudo apt-get purge rifidi"
  4. . Copy the new deb into ~ on the machine (Such as use dropbox and perform a "wget" on the dropbox link for this, very handy!)
  5. "sudo dpkg -i (deb here)"
  6. Copy all your files and folders back to their respective places.
  7. "sudo /etc/init.d/rifidiserver start"
  8. Telnet in and verify that everything looks good. Upgrade complete.
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