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The Rifidi Edge Server is open source. This means that if you find bugs or have ideas for useful features, you have the ability to extend the edge server yourself! We will gladly welcome contributions of any sort (code, documentation, testing, etc) and encourage you to submit these back. To get involved with the community:

  1. Visit our forums. This is the best place to talk to our developers and users of Rifidi.
  2. Submit feature requests and bug reports. We have a bug tracking system that manages outstanding feature requests and bugs. Before you submit bug reports here, we ask that you visit us on the forums first and make sure that there isn't a known solution for your question already
  3. Contribute to our wiki. We gladly welcome any documentation in the form of HOWTOs, example code, tutorials, or any other form that you find helpful.

For more information, please send emails to

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