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How do I get and build Rifidi?

You can either download Rifidi form the sourceforge page ( or you can download the source code from our subversion server. If you decide to download the source code we recommend to use Eclipse as Development environment. There is also a howto for eclipse available at our wiki (Running Rifidi from Source).

How do I build an emulator for a reader?

We are always looking for developers to help us build new reader emulators for Rifidi. We currently have a framework and a set of reusable classes to help speed up the processes. To get started, check out our technical documentation : Emulator Documentation, and also drop by our IRC channel.

If you don't find the information you are looking for feel free to contact us. We try to help as far as we can.

How do I submit a new reader, bug fix, or other new feature back to the project?

We do not currently support anonymous code commit to our svn server. If you have code that you think would be useful in Rifidi, please contact us.

Is there an example that shows how to interact with readers programtically?

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