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New Features

This section describes some of the new features in release 1.6.


  • The AWID now uses TCP to connect instead of Serial.
  • Several new commands have been added, including Gen2 Portal.
  • There is now a welcome message providing information about the reader at startup.
  • The reader will no longer crash if an invalid command is sent.
  • Fixed an issue where requesting the temperature would cause the reader to crash.


  • Speed and RSSI are now supported features for tags.
  • Now allows both ON/OFF and 1/0 to be used for commands that toggle between "on" and "off"
  • Several Autonomous commands are fixed so they work properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the "antennasequence" command that sometimes caused no tags to be read.
  • GPIO is now enabled by default.
  • Time commands now work for the Alien.


  • Fixed a problem with ROSpecs accepting an invalid ID number as valid during creation.
  • Fixed an exception that sometimes occurred when sending a SET_READER_CONFIG command.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes a ROSpec wouldn't start again after being disabled.
  • Fixed a conversion error for a short in _C1G2ReadOpSpecResult


  • Added support for the Sirit reader to emulator.
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