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New Features

This section describes some of the new features in release 1.5.1

ThingMagic Alpha

ThingMagic alpha is available

This release includes an alpha version of the ThingMagic virtual reader. So far, support for only a few commands are available. See ThingMagic for information about which commands are available and how to get tags back from it.

Alien Heartbeat

AlienReader can now send out heartbeats

The Alien reader can now broadcast UDP heartbeats. This feature is useful when using the Rifidi virtual Alien reader with the Alien client tool, which can automatically add readers to its reader list by detecting heartbeat messages.

Improved Alien GPO support

It is now possible to manually change the GPO lines with the following command:

  • get/set ExternalOutput

JRE 1.6 update 4 Compatibility

As of this release, Rifidi Emulator should be used with JRE 1.6 update 4 or later. Using it with a previous version my cause errors, due to the fact that the JAXB packages moved into the java core packages in JRE 1.6 update 4.

Awid MPR update

For the AWID, the power for the RF can now be turned on and off (if the client allows those options). Strange behavior with "Single Tag Read" mode is now fixed. New commands have been added.

Bug Fixes

The following section describes a few of the bugs that have been fixed in this release

Bug [ 1883033 ] Not all LLRP Messages being logged


Bug [ 1883038 ] LLRP Power State Problem


Bug [ 1884483 ] AccessSpec Trigger=1 not working


Bug [ 1917310 ] Race Condition on connection control variable


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